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give it a rest

from the sequence theseecstasies

according to that logic what you take to be true is and must be but what I take to be true isn’t is that what you’re getting at she was the type of person who always had to be right and sometimes even was which irks me

has begun to develop an aural relationship with the new as yet untested blue technology we kissed beneath the pattering of the whirr and made love behind the eerie unnatural light of the screen

if your brain were an egg even a hot-arsed ostrich broody beyond belief could not hatch a thought from it you still believe detergent comes as freely from your mother as spiders from eggs once did in your hedge

it is cold here on the moral high-ground and the wind buffets feints and bluffs all I can see for miles around is perspective but I can’t get an angle on it if only infinite aspectual regression was also an interface

thoughts like a cardboard box with the flaps and top cut off what if it were to rainbow it would be the insects I would pity the most the way in which and to dance their tic-tic jerk your wings off

see how we run that’s a lie everything on a computer is enhanced like beer which permanently has 12.5% extra fill free or in the seventies dfs were always on sale and was the kind of place we’d shop in

your hopes are brittle detritus that has corrupted to mutate on the serengeti of inadequacies barely felt they shave your soul and gossamer can be annoying in early evening as it catches on your face and hair

otherwise go ahead with what we agreed that ought to be fine at least as an interim measure during the slow dripping attention of time-segments this is the last sixteenth of the last quarter before

because we hardly like each other and how well we know each other we could bear its disinclination to know more tarted up as mysterious potential does this dead glow accentuate anything perhaps at least its own repellent deadness
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