Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Ode (kinda) to John Ash

when will the world look and see John Ash
writing alone on those Anatolian shores his
pen poised as his judgements are
hesitant to drop
to mark a make yes
like a kestrel conscience
hung above
matter's vole

our curiosity too needs to pounce
just as poiesis must first eat, stuff
way before it can ever move to make, oh
when will John Ash see and look
the world and in shining on its
already faded rugs & drapery
he saved the very thing he saw and
caused to fade?

Seems Ash's newest collection has caused a minor surge in interest in this most reclusive of writers. See the comments on Sonnets at 4am for example:

This includes a poem from a much earlier collection The Burnt Pages.

He also has his own Wikipedia page which no longer amazes me as everyone seems to:
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