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From "Lines out of Space"

Is is worth it now that I said it it seems so much more realer somehow is this the apparition trembling in the moisture gathered on the yellowing bluff on trains many things happen but no more than anywhere else movement-containment-they-are-isolating put something in a box any old crap it becomes my gift to you a man is holding his nose in such a way or seen without due care and atten- that I think his hand is his nose for a moment I am not a talker a day decoder will I tell the others about the nose, about elvis here and michael jacksons over there is it worth it it is an unlikely thing a precious but unlikely thing a mirage of light dispersing in the shattered clouds resting on the lee with each comment on it you add on to it I watch a tourist chase a map in a small capricious wind in reaching for the glass I knock it further from my hand death isn’t in the detail but the accumulation of detail is the way one talks with death or A GHOSTLY MIST OBLITERATES ALL WITH ITS BILLION PARTIC