Friday, February 27, 2004

I never said that

from the sequence theseecstasies

and that was how it was and at this point because of this against my better judgement that they forced me into citizenry

don’t ask me why I prefer to say the trees are in those threes than talk of dinner parties though you are beautiful and

well it’s obvious isn’t it? I guess it was the wire things failed to gel but we have been provided with anniversaries

which make us the streets are full for sitting and people for once are writing what they feel in formal structures:

I love my mum my sisters are divining the way were all built up out of the same past the past is simple like leaves

which of what is falling down will you catch on your tongue?

you have all eaten what you have bitten if that’s what you do.

all will be included this is the service we provided which is also as inclusive
there are tears in you tears small wonder. in the womb holes of creditable mandolins...

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