Friday, February 27, 2004

well we all heard you didn't we?

from the sequence theseecstasies

brown is this season’s black which means for the truly fashion conscious brown is already black thus they can say with impunity that black is

this season’s black which is bytheby how poetry works or at least language but question is there any difference?

I want you my lover’s back please—we go all the way up the poplar smothered lane to the shrub then all the way back

don’t we not? the tautegorical hurt of ecstasy that is what I mean when I burn in my eyeballs seething “ver-ti-ge”

through tawdry gaps in my teeth the brown hurt of a dissimulating spring whilst I embrace squalls take

up droplets fell from the bushes tender green entreaties the same as dogs do I am the first to do so my hair a rose and

I am dealing with it it’s queer aint it you say potato I bow down my jaundiced thoughts and smoke it.

bare which the day it is synonymous to being borne by the winds of france to the sing├ęd herbaceous

to the singed herbaceous and if there is love in the tongue then give back to me father that which I already got it.

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