Sunday, February 25, 2007

from "thesecstasies"

If you insist

made as if to run into complicity which might save us she holds his arm he holds her arm they hold their arms I guess so because they would not want to lose hold of them altogether

people passing down a street at nighttime their shadows bound to hold their feet against the hearsay of the moon which murmurs “nothing is necessary not even contingency” except and perhaps (no one has yet addressed the category of being-as-perhaps)

no more mishaps this is the real of real perchance our being guilty in the alley nor in the gully will you find my aspiration to join once more hung-over from the vision flouncing

like a labrador on the motorway slipway verge and I like the rest of me could not bear the verge cut up by rabbit feet and bled by mottled run-off so let this dis-taste be my complicity

a problem solved which is a pretty big challenge there can be no re-entry into reverie we are sure we wanted to get the hell out to there like insects hate the vortex which they are between are the planes

but if in rummaging mainly through it but also by rights about it then you commit to the purchase just because your nude eyes show that you know and that you want it and this you also want to know I think so

this time getting it wrong is all there is about them we could gang up together to eviscerate them with—observes the contradiction of the stomach shallow ocean

the sense of what the dark isn’t leans in heavily in this scene I forget to tell you all about it and that then turns out to be what I hate about narratives as poetry need not necessarily in any circumstance but it also can so we made it up so what?!

it passed like all eternities must pass and as couples pass out of theatres and cinemas into-outo suggestivity this is the holy word I gave you you have faded because a cure is dawning pity swift darkling we might yet blame before the golden beams burning
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