Tuesday, February 27, 2007

from "thesecstasies"

it was your idea in the first place

the larger the moon the greater its admonition and if I can I will try to put the blame on you badgering after her are the kind of people who say they either have or haven't changed either way she's not listening

must we admonish our youngest over the cold-cuts nanna sent over by impertinent courier after which they say to the child lay down and chew the salt lick from the belt betimes

yes something awful wonderfully horrible is pertaining to the clefting-down-diamond of exhausted-and-wrung-out-late-season part-mouldy-part-etched by brush-work-undergrowth and roughage-space

it was a blatant attempt to use up the extra and be happy happier happiest with none left then she was free to leave the card board prompters of this life in this town how they speak a bit of this calls to mind also a bit of that etc

the concern is is it going anywhere no it's a fuckin' cityscape generally definable by it's not moving laughingly she said if you don't eat that soon it will get warm

is it night-time again in acerbia chilly shooters in the red ant whose inner life is as specious as it seems the red ant is a bar by the way but also an actual ant and a state of being

there is look there is a simple explanation for all of this and after the murder didn't happen the police will want to know why they are always asking questions the police nothing seems to satisfy the police

and it isn't full there is no word for what it is except almost there little man almost there sweetums just around the next corner of absolute peril 'cross the rickety bridge aspan the clear river

blue bar jewel perhaps we can accuse the children of crimes they can't even conceive of yeah that's good then morning fell in the narrative and we knew where we were step over the chalk outline and tell papa all about
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