Tuesday, July 31, 2007

From "Lines in Space"

trowel - render - hazchem - wrecking, bar

trowel - render - hazchem - wrecking bar
ducting - bolster - spatula - vent
and agency
agency - enthusiasm - transcedence, then - negation

gather your writing materials together and advance
piazza - loggia - calle - portico
the square sloping elegantly in a place they called siena the
leaning towers of subjective experience of note # 3056,
bologna, the red do you remember, subject pinion term “darling”?
the roman palace in humid nights of split (in moonlight, athwart the buffed paving)
the venetian arsenale in relcutant hvar (where we first…)
how we travel vs. how they do did

You arrive alone in dover at 3 am what next? You have the name of someone in the city can they help you? We cannot help you. They can? Good. Europe is a big place that has such wanderers in it. During
these close nights of imminence then I got to thinking of all those blissed-out beatnik losers and crazy-eyed ayes-theetes like roussel like trocchi going mad for what?

how to live a good life how to live a great life how to live just a life
as he said, capitalism is mainly about having fun and
let those other suckers pick up the bill, then commenced harsh laughter
white teeth flash, same of nation
and I think it’s just as well that I am not intense or too talented
then again, nephew, they got to see the angels feel immemorial dislocation of ecstatic glossolalia
the rhythm the rhythm the
hé-llo my name is william and I am from stoke-on-trent impoverished ugly sarcastic mythless there are no fucking angels in stoke upon the trent it has been an instant since my last confession here it is I’m an abstinence addict

were they right? // am I wrong? I
am certainly wrong will lang-
piciously and ex- // uage fix aus-
//quisitely crafted
me? // plumber builder plasterer electrician
know feel touch transform // pass
she left afraid but hopeful
mournfully up the steep cliff path ==== WAIT
went a single figure
//in the darker hours,
before the dawn // sweet is the night

//heading for
//the window
//our capital or

This" - "indicates a visual separation that is a long gap in the paper text version. Blogger won't reproduce this so am using " - " instead.
I experiment a lot in this collection with columns which cannot be reproduced so have used "//" to indicate a column break
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