Tuesday, July 31, 2007

From "Lines out of Space"

a word in your shell is like

we entered freely into the nautilus
shell which is diminishing
for some of them the sea’s suspiration
was until that point as yet unheard
that point of our diminishing
from the shell there was no escaping

from the monolith gleaned the megalith
which I admit are no more than words to me
words with meanings not like the ones
the proper poets opt to use there
was or is no choice but to pace the crouching spiral
and adopt a stance which the others might pursue

for the confusion of the labyrinth
comes not from a mazey complexity of
options turns deadends and blank walls
it is rather a perpetual scaling down of the world
both familiar and upsetting is the park of dolls
and miniatures will disturb those who recuperate slowly

little by littler by littler still
we exited the nautilus from the
tiny horn which announced us to the
single grain of beach which they had
left to us and the monolith gleamed while the
megalith didn’t and the water’s urged words
got smaller and smaller and smaller
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