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From "lines out of space"

fast (food) thoughts

burgerking has suffered a complete makeover fu-
cking horrible it is but then it must be hard to come second in
late monopoly capitalism as they call it now to us lot or
sometimes yes I call it globalisation but no do not know what that actually
means ends was so simple, supply the demand but in BK at KX what
exactly is the demand for fake lichtensteins on the walls? oh where is the new real? to
add insult to injury or perhaps spicen [sic.] up this hyper-real
salsa, that by the way is when the attractions of reality very
real though they are are outstripped by those re-presented by art or the
media with chilli added , the latest burger is the Mexican big spicy which not only is-
n’t Mexican (burgers aren’t) but you have to specify that you want it regular (a beat)
big regular! or big large that is an option too and it is all about that isn’t it options I

mean? and outside you can buy crack&sex fairly easily which is also
tempting but one must resist because I am tired of thinking about it supply
and demand I mean and how drugs and prostitution are indeed rather old-
fashioned in a quaint way in that they are really giving you something that you
want for which you have to pay and are probably dependant on in some way the
way we all used to be dependant on flour, milk and eggs—so Marxists thought, (happy days) pancake economics they called it but the late eighties flipped that over I
guess what I am getting at is how fucking difficult it is

these days
to stop for a quick bite
during lent
without having to work it all out I
mean the whole rotten system dammit!

but hey bubba, that’s modern life for you and
off he went, or she, or didn’t go, into the sordid city night, or country gloom, actually it was only late afternoon in the suburbs’ time of hopelessness and tedium I quite like it actually not everything is such a big deal you know if you don’t think about it and you can’t always be thinking about it then you can be like the mouse B. and I saw last night on the tube got half way along the platform actually nearly to my Italian shoes before a newspaper rattle startled it and it

scarpered actually

real events are scary like that un-
real imaginings of a desire-sick brain, in con-
trast are now fairly easy to assimilate under the general rubric don’t you find?
what I mean is that no one cares much about being sick in that 20thc European way
stained crack pipes and orgies where are thee now that we have a need for thee?
by the way I forgot to say, part one is over, will you wait for part two or would you like to go get a drink or something?
I know a really good thai/fusion place (a beat) and they do kareoke in the

mouse basement
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