Friday, October 05, 2007

PJ Harvey, White Chalk

For some reason, before even listening to more than a couple of tracks, I knew I could write poems to each of the titles of PJ Harvey's lastest album. So here goes something.

1. The Devil

The devil'
sold bad boots
by farrier jones

evil is still got meaning
he spouts as
he limps to town
or anywhere really'
show he talks

The devil'
bought bad debts
by broker james

even evil got the blues
he wails as
he punishes a piana
or anyone really'
show he works

The devil'
fed bad booze
by barman jessie

even evil got to die
he chokes as
his vomit'sinhaled
not anything really'
show he joins 'n dis


one shoe shed
a sepia key plucked fingerfree
wettened words that
stink of gutsn
yeah brim
stone if you
like, oh
'nd our happiness
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