Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ten Years Old and 75+k Hits

To celebrate the blog's tenth birthday and an estimated hits total of 75k (in the old days stats counters were too complicated for me but I average 7k-ish a year) I am updating the blog to make it easier to use and in line with the new features available on blogger.

So you can search the blog, see which pages are popular at the moment, follow it much easier than before and perhaps most significantly you can translate it into other languages.  I have just translated the whole thing into Italian and it is not bad at all.

I have also been invited to become a part of paperblog which listed the blog for the first time yesterday increasing the average hits per day from 50-100 to about 180 in less than 24 hours.  If this were to be sustained at around the 150 a day level then the blog would be getting on average per year and a half the same number of hits it got in ten years!  This seems unlikely to be sustained but still the blog is getting more and more attention which is a good thing for contemporary philosophy and poetry I think.

Finally I have changed to a 'dynamic' template which looks amazing, gives you a choice how to view the content and makes me feel a bit like an old-fashioned magazine editor.  Must remember to get a cigar, tap a phone or two and fire somebody needlessly.

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