Friday, March 02, 2007

From "thesecstasies"

Leave it

how often it was when as children we typified the peace initially denied us as a deep darkness or a profound pool only to find in later life ourselves stranded in an obscure overtly watery place

and never to stop carping on about it even though you know it’s wrong I know it’s wrong they know it’s wrong but do we know it’s wrong y’know as a communal unit?

said she would retire upside down membranously embraced and carapaced by the wings of decisions she decided not to make like a bat her words they were not mine

I didn’t say anything recently as has been habitually the case and it hasn’t gone unnoticed but it has gone unremarked doing nothing is not the same as saying something about it

the event of the passage was the act of recording said event although that aspect could not be put down it was all very optative until you came along now it seems to want to forget about it

and it is not true that a pig will turn and devour its own litter but faced with the dilemma of birth what would you do in its stead dilemma from the greek “dilemma” meaning dilemma

something perturbing is stirring it in the underscrub we tend so as to remain ourselves unperturbed such are the benefits of an imposed natural order of things

in other words someone has to take the ash can and go-gasp out there night falling off its high horse unevenly I thought the broke-hoofed beast legging it on silvery wings

but boy are we back in town now life picked up like a strange coin in a slavic city of glorious unfathomability like life only more or less so striking out in defiance of the tide of whinnying breakers flung out lee-ward
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