Thursday, March 08, 2007

From "thirsty poems"

development of a landscape

water lay on the land there and
fleas grew fat on it as
an ox pulled through the brown whilst
simultaneously brown corn grew up whereas
between the corn the air so that
between the air the corn grew simultaneously
people gathered on the edges who
though cautious came to rule.

water oozed through the land there and
leaving a mark, softening fibres as
warming and stagnating pools of life whilst
fish came and went in their silence whereas
they mistook the weeds for thoroughfares so that
they rode the idling currents pleasurably simultaneously
hooks were dropped and raised and nets dragged who
with the falling evening were filling up.

happiness soaked and bloated and staggering and
like the soil ripe with water as
over ripe, pregnant and burdened whilst
soon to fall it lifted up its paunch skywards whereas
there was a long, grandiose, buckling effect so that
swallowing up the corn and swamping the fish simultaneously
the warm processes were turning the pools to soup who
stifled, went far too far, splitting this skin.

First published in Rialto and then Limestone
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