Sunday, March 25, 2007

From "Thirsty Poems"

confidence tricks, contemporary settings

like some hideous leviathan emerging from primordial depths
hideous leviathan emerges from the primordial depths
and it is only natural that
you doubt your motivation in such,
by this I mean of course your true
motivation, such in

korea a population under threat from commerce
seriously to lose faith in the infrastructures thrown up recently
why you do this and should you
does red suit you do you
talk too loud make love like
a pervert on the prowl

in genoa
a pike is elevated from an artificial pool
artificial legs and then bound over to rule
that you are a great bloke really
well, we all are. shavings, non-specifically sourced gouge at you when you close your eyes. spirals paint-tipped spirals, what do they mean mean to you within this thickened context?
you lose confidence at this point specifically here
you lose confidence
space stations spin three hundred miles above tunisia at four miles a second and yet successfully they dock and it is only natural that you should applaud hiding your inner debility behind such stagy shows of support
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