Sunday, March 11, 2007

From "thesecstasies"

she keeps telling me it’s here

not so much the shock of the new as of the same I who pride myself on my “originality” and whatever comes before a fall it’s gotta be high high and that’s for what it’s worth pay the rest to make up your compensation

yes it will make you feel better but it will not cure you I am reliable and informed that there is no cure for the personality life is its own punishment cycle and you gotta “ride” “it” or “it” will “ride” “you” apparently

nowhere is as much a place as somewhere what one should concentrate on is never the prefix but what comes before that and once more for luck accuracy and excess and I feel a little distance come creeping yes

come creeping between them the caesura and the cadence have practically all sewn up she slammed that door so hard the pane shattered pronounced suture I like a mouth full of your marbles

just a version of thought is made in the mouth but is that through this tongue or the space around and life from now on will be like this poem whose form disallows development even as it makes impossible promise the

relationship may your gods save you from the enjambement of true love the process of discarding trousers even as you buy new ones confirms vicissitudinous fashion has a kinky determining rhythm

and that is the rhythmical beat of the promise of rhythm eek-a-mouse unfulfilled access denied truisms no less true for the act of their distortion on the grotesquerie which is what that means

these new pills make me shit and how “sweet yet sad” it is to fuck a stranger even worse to fuck each other into estrangement there is nothing like a little strangeness which logically means everything is

or most things that are I like it like that I really do one can’t put a price on true friendship but let’s for the sake of something you can choose say you can might we be surprised at how cheap it is probably not now we are sophisticates
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