Sunday, March 11, 2007

From "thesecstasies"

yes yes yes yes yes

men! yes we too have our doubts as to the veracity of laurent kabila but you won’t get anywhere in the next few years unless you are java enabled which kinda takes all the spice out of it

I wish I had the humility to say to her simply please don’t leave don’t leave don’t leave me I mean I can “make” “it” without “you” easy but I don’t want to make it merely you need a little elbow grease

here it is horror as if gagging on pig’s blood what we force on our acolytes but true power is never having to say you’re sorry unless that is your ideology in which case sift the flower fucker sift away

do you have a minute let me tell you desperation is not a flat plane where you have surfaced in dark mists night falls so quickly up here you will survive but your companion she is mine now a part of it so savoury

and one can move around the blankness virtually reality except it is real but why would you want to pretty soon to become connoisseurs of the gradations of the absolutely similar like for like…separate eggs from there shells

“here it is horror” some blame osama bin laden the exiled scion of an enormously wealthy saudi merchant family africa is a so-called soft target if they seem to have no organisation in the face of inconceivabilities well

what does that prove except we know nothing and no more do they there which is where exactly explosives are very easy to make you can download the recipe and then pick an american presence and prey hesto

presto a fiend of fangs and barbed phalluses is indiscernible from the american war machine but better focus on the scores dead and rising you get no better view it really is a featureless flat cake of no-thing-ness gone where once was

I imagine he has cronies he has the neck for it but you won’t get anywhere in the next few years without a fuller sense of what cronyism is if I’d eat shit for you if you would only stay climb the stair you’d be gone for good men!
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