Sunday, March 25, 2007

From "Thirsty Poems"


before modesty the wind must fill up the hessian sail;
seed cast carelessly will further stretch the beach;
of man I say this, of woman I say that;
the future is an eraser, the past a stable gun;

looking about me now I see that
I have none of my good friends left and
nor do I miss them neither.

light is as heavy as the blossom it samples;
let society eat up its own waste, but let it eat;
of woman I assert thus, of women I assert this;
disembodied hands paddle my fatty tissue;

out on the gas light leaf street
again, the too long lesson over
and what am I to do with it?

be not so sceptical about the heather’s prosperity;
be not so soon too judge the crooked contestant;
let lie sleeping eating run do don’t do, do;
of children I have next to nothing to say;

it’s just that I feel let down veins
grow across my shoes; sea horses’ alchemy
stings in the wind, but who’s to know this?
the distance of the pancreas from the humours;
the pink fences slipping back behind the eminence; chuckling
sockets that are as free as the spinnaker streams;
the surprise party I throw myself; ridiculous hats!
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