Sunday, March 11, 2007

From "thirsty poems"

this endive life

“but the endive, if left, will dry...out!”
what does she mean by this and
just what does she want to say?
salad is more than a decoration:
the star, fruit
the onion...moon
a vegetable sun, loving it

the water on the leaf, the same story repeats

long ago the party is over after
as long as the stem of the glass is snapped
and all endives left, awilting “it
is indicative you know these
things do matter” yes I know. saints

preserves and us, emerging from
the “taps” ourselves pretty much.

there is a place for drainage and for primping
crazy, tossed into a mixed up world, crazy.
we sing our anthem “the party’s
over” and get on with it—
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