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From "thirsty poems"

the annals of robinson crusoe—experiments in form

1: arrival
the weed gets dislodged from the deep;
so lonesome I could weep.

the furry fruits sprout well beyond your reach;
and how I fear the beach.

from the head land razor reefs are all too plain;
I dream of mittle europa, and spain.

2: remembrance
in my father’s house are many wonders
I can taxonomise them still
fabrics culled from the tropics
machinery made at home
porcelains from china
idols of asia minor
religious emblems scraped in rome
curious american hydroscopics
and of course grotesque hookahs from brazil.
evidence of adventurers, traders and their unfair plunders,
how I miss it so.

3: adjustment
I love my goat
who gives me love unconditional
I long for the boat

I hate cats, cats
they perform excess inexcusable
and collude with rats

at first they charmed me seemed
so free and full of such
shenanigans but they give to take away and
I have to keep these rabbits in that hutch
to keep them from being molested as
that oft discovered corpse attested to.

4: maladjustment, psychosis
over the years I see the importance of
leaf migration has allayed my fears and
perturberance of belief in an eventual salvation.
the way they blow across the island face
so exigent and also somehow motivated the flow of
matter into space my hope resurgent invigorated.

yet, in the darkness when tornadoes rape the mangroves
and the leaves become as spectres at my perimeter
fence they are my intimidator the best forgotten stark
ness that hectors my joy like desperadoes who as
thieves descend and occupy the pass in filthy droves.

Note: this was first published in Aabye's Baby
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