Sunday, March 04, 2007

From "thesecstasies"

just this once

look what we found in the fundament sarge to busy oneself around the act of dredging we are no longer at the level of demand growing up handsome and lonely wear nikee and pronouncing it nike

and all day we had been searching for the kingdom of gentleness once thinking we had found it it was just a dog with sad sad eyes at night across the valley the tabor sounded hollow but remained here alone

everyone's keen on having me be the protagonist but it must be kept shallow danger from deep water fast currents some thing stirring in the tarry mudflats off of birkenhead

hopeless at obeying orders a deep-seated mistrust of authority approach with extreme caution to be regarded as unarmed and mellifluous all the next spent trying to penetrate the conundrum that is plankton

plastic bags are stuffed full of plastic bags in our house at least she might call that our domestic/consumerist mise en abyme if she existed in such a fashion as to know that phrase

a uniformity of variety one day all coins will be plastic and there'll be no more wishing at the well you are not alone in finding floating on the surface less affecting than sinking to a point

brought up from sallow goop so as to be sprinkled o'er thanks to the dredger-boxes of modern urban habitation shopping drinking fucking and priggish unappreciative and de-imagined travel no you lost me there

the shell-likes gape they are loudly and mostly mute even though they are effectively all tongue and no trousers what they see down their sure too horrible to recount this deep we are mostly blind

or dared not open it for the fearsome sound of "arse" like a voice from beyond the dave or daveness of another dull passage down the aisle towards the fish counter and the sea-birds at a frenzy of feeding
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