Saturday, March 10, 2007

From "thesecstasies"

that hurt

he was as big a man as she was hard to please and together they were a twist into the penumbra and were gone so sit alone upon a park bench in late sunlight patternings and feels so ever so what?

his spasm becomes her rictus twitch all truth being relative including this one still it is possible to be convinced by an ill-kept enigma likened to the psycho-somatic role of the tears in personal history

whose story can tell the least about most of us yes tell me that one the community at large so massive in fact to think it makes the head fuzzy woken blearily I figure you would rather sleep off the affect

shitting yoursen or better brickin' it the light in the mall will stop flickering minutes before the end of season sale of the centuries go from something to everything in very quick succession if you ask it to

the two things just don't add up because one thing isn't a thing but a horizon to thinking about it so you can I give up a lot and ask for nothing in return don't forget to read the "turn" bit

london is a hard city and belfast is in some ways easier but whose counting the result will be courteously disregarded at first and later spit on it you can't believe you ever voted that lot in

I mean I ask you you reply something is missing a wonderful segment either left out or over its value becomes exacerbated rather only because we are like saying it no I don't know what it means

the pain I am going through is obvious and besides we are not allowed to be neurotic anymore that's just the way life is some vestiges of a cancelled tide my dribble atop the lagoon but the surface is a smooth as plastic

what no longer shows on their bumble-faces in flashes or murmurs of humanity below is the life lived by the streets in the people a weapon of nature to sweep away the structures but leave the population all outstanding
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